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The Cath Lab

At South City Hospital we pride ourselves on being able to provide the expertise of some of the best cardiologists in Pakistan.

Cardiology Consultants
Dr Nadeem H. Rizvi
Dr Sajid Dhakam
Dr Nageeb Basir
Dr Azhar Farooqui 
Dr Abdus Samad

At South City Hospital our cardiology services are provided by the following units:
1. The Chest Pain Unit
2. The Cath Lab
3. The non-invasive lab

Chest pain unit
Location: ER (ground floor)
Timing: 24 hours
We pride ourselves on generally averaging a less than 60-minute ‘door-to-balloon’ time, which refers to how quickly we can move someone with cardiac chest pain from our Emergency Room to be treated at the Cath lab. (The international standard is 90 minutes.)

The consultant cardiologists are also available 24 hours to treat the patient in the ER, if needed. They are assisted by an experienced cardiology team that will investigate the initial complaint. Whether it is resuscitation or defibrillation, the chest pain unit doctors are well trained to pick up on ischemic problems (referring to the blockage of the blood supply).

The chest pain unit assesses whether the patient needs to be admitted. If that is the case, then they can also be also taken to the Critical Care Unit (third floor) which has eight dedicated beds for cardiac patients. Safe and quick movement in the hospital is our priority in such cases.

In the case of a heart attack, the standard used to be to provide pharmacotherapy. But today the norm is to immediately move the patient to the Cath lab for an Angiogram or Angioplasty. “This is no longer state-of-the-art,” explains consultant cardiologist Dr Nadeem Rizvi. “The primary angioplasty is the accepted standard now.”

Our combination of experienced interventionists and infrastructure means that South City Hospital’s Cardiology unit is able to manage these cases swiftly and expertly.

Cath Lab
Location: 2nd floor
Timing: 24 hours for emergencies
For routine procedures: 8am to 10pm
Tel: (+92) 213 587 8638
Extension: 353 & 354
Manager: Dr Ramesh Kumar
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

South City Hospital has a 24-hour Cardiac Catheterisation laboratory, which works in close coordination with our Emergency Room and Critical Care Units. The Cath Lab is a facility where diagnostic imaging equipment is used to assess the condition of the heart’s arteries and any abnormalities. Our cardiologists perform procedures such as the Coronary Angiography and Angioplasty here.

Procedures performed:
Coronary Angiography
Coronary Angioplasty
Peripheral angiography/angioplasty
Permanent Pacemaker
Temporary Pacemaker
Internal Cardiac Defibrillator

The Cath lab is run by Dr Ramesh Kumar with his team of technicians. They tackle emergency cases and for elective procedures care for the patient from the pre-op stage to the post-procedure, which includes all forms of counseling and advice.

The Non-Invasive Lab
Location: 2nd floor
Timing: 8am to 8pm
On the second floor, the cardiology unit has a non-invasive lab for scheduled daycare procedures for out- and in-patients. It is here that the following investigations are carried out, such as:
Trans-thoracic Echocardiograms
Trans-oesophageal Echocardiogram
Exercise Stress Echocardiogram
Dobutamin Stress Echocardiogram
Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT)

Dr Nadeem Rizvi
Dr Syed Nadeem Hassan Rizvi
Consultant Cardiologist

Monday & Wednesday 4pm to 7pm
Saturday 2pm to 4pm

(+9221) 358 62 301 to 03
(+9221) 353 740 72-5

(+92) 333 236 4767
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