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Prof. Dr. Ayesha Khan

Prof Ayesha Khan is the head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Civil Hospital and Dow University of Health Sciences. Civil hospital is second largest hospital in Government set up. It is a tertiary care center and receives normal and high risk patients from Karachi, interior Sind and Baluchistan. Prof Ayes ha started her career from Jinnah Post graduate Medical Cent re - the largest public sector hospital in Karachi. After acquiring training in Obstetrics and Gynecology she went to England for specialization .After getting degree of specialization she continued to work in Manchester and Yorkshire. During this time she updated herself with the skills in advanced Obstetrics and Gynecological procedures. She improved her skills in minimally invasive surgery, subfertility and management of high risk pregnancy, On her return from England she joined Civil Hospital Karachi as Assistant Professor and started her private practice a t Mid-East Medical Cent re where she worked t ill its demolition. She introduced her skills for the care of the patients in Civil Hospital. Over the years she has mastered herself in the care of normal, high risk and complicated pregnancies.
She is the senior most and a competent surgeon in Civil Hospital. She performs routine gynecological Surgery as well as deals with complicated and Oncological operations. She is the pioneer of Pelvic reconstructive Surgery and Laparoscopic surgery in Civil Hospital. Her area of interest includes Infertility, Poly cystic ovaries and high risk pregnancy.
The care and dedication for the patients are the cornerstones of her practice. Because of her academic background she explains disease and treatment to the patients in easy terminology. She ensures patients questions are answered without confusion.
She is involved in teaching and training doctors and consultants. She is the investigator of many research projects. She is the author of many scientific articles.






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Dr Ayesha Khan
Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecological Surgeon

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