Dr Saadia Examination Room 3 Copy

Hemodialysis Unit

South City Hospital Offers Safe, Clinically Excellent services in Hemodialysis since last 2 years. Prof. Waqar Kashif, Dr Mansoor Ahmed Shah and Professor Abdul Mannan and their team of dedicated , Skilled and Experienced Hemodialysis Staff members offer 24-hours facility in emergency and in elective cases. We Offer dialysis for Unstable patients in MICU and still financially support the patient as Day-Care Procedure. A dedicated Hemodialysis unit caters to Walk-in and Dialysis dependent patients on RRT as booked regular patients. South City Hospital Beinf Tertiary Care Medical Facility offers a better option for the cadidates who need close monitoring during Hempdialysis and immediately avaialble specialists and Critical Care Services when in dire need.





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