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Medical Director

Medical Director

Dr. Munir Ahmed Mahar

Dr. Munir joined us in November 2012 and has over two decades of experience in the Critical Care Specialty, Risk Management, and 14 years in Hospital Administration. His most recent appointment was as Medical Director at the Umm Al Qura Holy Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As a trainee at the Dow University Of Health Sciences, he established the first High-Dependency-Unit in any surgical unit at a public sector hospital, where patients of major surgical procedures such as Whipple’s procedure, Esophagectomy, Fire arm injury cases with Hemo-Pneumothorax and Visceral injuries, and Critical ill patients, were treated after discharge from Surgical Intensive care Unit DUHS, He participated in the establishment of the first Cardiac Surgery Unit at the provincial level in Sindh in the public sector, (when the National Institute of Cardiovascular Disease was the only cardiac tertiary care hospital in Sindh). He joined the Intensive Care Department at the Orthopedic & Medical Institute, Karachi, in 1992 and left for Umm Al Qura Holy Makkah after a decade.

His dedicated contribution to health care continued in Makkah, where millions of pilgrims visit every year for the Hajj. He was certified by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, and the Society of Critical Care Medicine, California.

He participated in the Makkah Region Quality Plan which was accredited by the Joint Commission International, the global authority on healthcare quality management. Guidelines were promulgated to cater to local needs and meet international standards to thwart and handle health risks such as the Swine Flu or the H1N1 Virus, especially in the context of a large number of pilgrims. This work ranged from patient safety from medical errors to disaster management and factored in diverse situations such as in-hospital narcotics control and organ donation and transplants.

Dr. Munir has supervised several key changes to SCH since he joined. Here are a few particular notes:

Health Care Commission Accreditation. Dr Munir led the Quality Assurance Programme managed the plan created the CQI team and achieved the most prestigious accomplishment of Sindh Health Care Commission Quality Certification and a place in selected few hospitals of Pakistan for the Medical Tourism Plan of the Government of Pakistan.

Infrastructure: In our Emergency Department, ventilators were installed to support Critical Care Services and ensure severe patients receive the requisite high degree of critical support from admission. We also now have dedicated stroke services.

We have, in 2023 12-Beds MICU, Beds CCU, 8-Beds SICU, 8-Beds Incubator NICU and hemodialysis unit, and 10-Beds High Dependency Unit to provide advanced life support and Critical Care with the latest Ventilators, Portable adult, neonatal  & pediatric ventilators, Bubble, BiPAP, CPAP,  Invasive Monitoring and Advanced Support systems of Therapeutic and Diagnostics such as VIR, TACE, PCI, NVI having experienced, highly skilled Consultants and staff.

Respiratory therapists: Dr. Munir Maher’s vision grabbed the opportunity and enabled South City Hospital to become the first private healthcare facility in Pakistan to create a job description and provide jobs to the newly graduated first-ever batch of Respiratory Therapists from Dow University of Health Sciences.


Dr. Munir Ahmed Mahar
Medical Director


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