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South City Hospital > Critical Care > Coronary Care Unit (CCU) & Cardiac Catheterization Lab

Coronary Care Unit (CCU) & Cardiac Catheterization Lab (Cath lab)

Our CCU is a state-of-the-art, sophisticated unit having 06 beds space equipped with Advanced Life Support devices and ventilators, located on the 2nd floor just to the right of two Cardiac Cath-labs. The Two Cath Labs are available 24 hours to perform emergency angiographies and angioplasties by our cardiologists.

  • Each bed has life support devices such ventilator, invasive and non-invasive multi-parameter monitor, and BIPAP.
  • The Intra-aortic Balloon pump is one of the most advanced devices to support a failed or weak heart.
  • The Portable ventilators

Being just beside the Cath-Lab, it facilitates the management of some of the most complex and critical cardiac emergency cases.

SCH- Cath Lab takes pride in informing our door to cath lab time is within 20 minutes.

Round the clock even on holidays, smoothly, emergency cardiac cases such as PCI for heart attack cases or placement of an Intra-Aortic Balloon device for a critical cardiogenic shock case is performed without any delay.

Round-the-clock senior Anesthetists present to ensure absolute safety and accessibility and ensure the confidence of the patient’s family just as in any other unit of Critical Care.