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Diagnostic Services

Our diagnostic services are divided into three departments: Radiology, the Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory, and the Pathology Laboratory. Please use the grey menu bar on the left to navigate.

In the Radiology section, we have provided detailed explanations of each available test. These descriptions will help you prepare for them physically and mentally. Each test description walks you through the entire procedure and explains what to expect afterward. We have endeavored to provide you with as much relevant and useful information as possible to make your experience more comfortable when you walk through our doors. Each section provides the contact details of the person in charge in case you have any questions that this website does not answer.

In the section on the Cardiac Catheterisation Lab, we have covered the frequently asked questions on the most commonly performed procedures. All the contact details and timings for this department are listed, and we recommend you keep them handy in case of emergencies.

The Pathology lab, which is located on the ground floor, is run by Sajid Khan Saheb who is happy to answer any questions you have. In this section, we have provided a full list of the tests we do and the expected turnaround time and their prices.