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South City Hospital a Tertiary Care State of the art international standard facility, reputed as one of finest health care provider facility and Surgery as well, has been providing professional,  advanced safe surgical services to appropriate patients in almost all major branches of Surgery and Allied.

South city Hospital is a center of excellence for Advanced Surgical procedures, Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgery and the symbol of excellence in Laparoscopy and founder surgeon of Laparoscopic procedures in Pakistan, is  the chief of Surgery at South City Hospital, Dr Mumtaz Maher.  Obesity surgery started with gastric banding in June 2007, followed by laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomies in May 2008. South City Hospital is one of the few centers in the country that offers complex pancreatic and biliary procedures such as pancreatico-duodenectomy (Whipple’s) and surgeries for cholangiocarcinoma as well under his supervision.

Consultants Specialities
Dr Saadia Virk OBS / GYN
Prof. Dr Javaid Rizvi
Dr. Sarah Feroz
Dr. Rukhsana Mughal
Prof. Shama Munim
Dr. Rizwana Shoaib
Dr. Rukhsana Aslam
Prof. Dr Shahina Ishtiaq
Dr. Sitwat Azeem
Dr. Hina Harris
Professor Dr. Shehla Baqai
Prof. Mumtaz Maher General Surgery
Prof Dr. Noshad A. Shaikh
Dr. Irfan Daudi
Dr. Rehan Abbas
Dr. M. Naseem Baloch General Surgery
Gen & Thyroid
Dr. Shahid Sami Cardiac Surgery
Dr Sanaullah Junejo
Dr.Tahir Shafi Khan Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Ganatra
Dr. Hameedullah Buzdar Neurosurgeon
Spinal Surgeon
spine Surgeon
Dr. Rashid Jooma Neurosurgeon
Prof. Muhammad Umar Orthopedic
Dr Younis Hanif Lodhi
Dr. Syed Kamran Ahmed
Dr. Mansoor Ali Khan
Dr. Ranjeet Kumar
Dr. Shahab Hyder Shaikh
Dr. Salman Shiraz
Dr. Nasir Sulaiman Urology
Prof. Dr. Noshad Shaikh Urology
Dr. Anis Hussain
Dr. Rashid Abbas
Dr. Shahnawaz Rajper
Dr. AmanUllah Memon
Dr. Agha Ghulam Mustafa
Dr. Salim Soomro Breast Surgery
Prof. Dr Shaista Masood khan
Dr. Younus Hanif Lodhi Spinal Surgeon
Dr. Muhammad Arif Mateen Khan Pediatric Surgeon
Dr. Muhammad Arshad
Dr. Muhammad Rashid Pediatrics Urologist
Dr. Syed Mehmood-ul-Haq Thoracic Surgeon
Prof. Tariq Rafi Ear, Nose & Throat
Dr. Sameer Qureshi
Dr. Shakeel Aqil
Prof. Kalimullah Thaheem
Prof. Sohail A. Malik Qureshi
Dr. Syed Muhammad Qaisar Sajjad
Dr. Saif Ullah Mir
Dr. Anjum Naveed
Dr.Mahnaz Naveed Shah Eye
Dr.Shayan Shadmani
Dr. Syeda Aisha Bokhari
Dr.M Saeed Iqbal
Dr. Mustafa Kamal
Dr. Tanveer A. Chaudhary
Dr. Rehman Siddiqui
Dr. Sami Ullah Khan Oncology & HBP Surgeon
Dr. Muhammad Fahad Tariq Berlas Consultant Vascular Surgeon
Dr. Khalil Ur Rehman
Dr. Najam Uddin
Dr. Waryam Panhwar
Dr. Fahad
Asad Sajjad Khan
Dr. Saqib Rashid Dentistry
Prof. Navid Rashid
Dr. Mansoor Ul Aziz
Dr. Saad Uddin Siddiqui Maxillofacial Surgeon