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The Ear, Nose and Throat department offers a comprehensive, specialized service with emphasis on good patient care and evidence based treatment. Services provided include general ENT and subspecialty clinics, in rhinology, allergy, otology, voice, snoring as well as head and neck cancer.


Commonly asked Questions

What is the appropriate age for a tonsillectomy?
It depends on the severity of the disease but normally as young as 4 years.

How can you tell you need a tonsillectomy?
The patient will most likely experience Tonsillar infection with an attack of pain and fever more than four times in a year. Complications such as joint pain, kidney or heart valve infection can develop.

What is the risk of Tonsillar surgery?
It is a safe surgery which can be done in daycare with no need for overnight stay. It is the most commonly carried out ENT surgery. The only risk is bleeding and the probability is 2%.

When do you need Septoplasty surgery (a corrective procedure to straighten the nasal septum which is the partition between the two nasal cavities)?
A patient will usually experience nasal obstruction due to deviation of the nasal septum either by birth or later by trauma.

Does the nasal bone grow after a septoplasty and cause repeated nasal obstruction?
The growth of all bones of the body, including the nasal bone, is completed by 17 years of age and no bone can grow after this age.

Does a biopsy causes the spread of cancer?
This is a myth. A biopsy never causes the spread of a disease. It is the most reliable way to investigate and confirm the presence of disease.

Is head and neck cancer treatable?
Yes, it is treatable with both surgery and radiotherapy. The prognosis depends on the stage of disease. The earlier you catch and treat it, the better the results.