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Dr. Tahir Shafi Khan

Dr. Tahir Shafi Khan is regarded as one of the best plastic surgeons in Pakistan. He performs both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery with the focus of his practice at South City Hospital on the latter. Over the years, he has been most sought after for his rhinoplasty (nose job) and liposuction with or without an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). Facelift surgery, with or without microfat transfer and nanofat(stem cells) is becoming increasingly common as well.

Although full range of plastic surgery offered by him but most common procedures he performs are:
Commonly referred to as a nose job. This involves changing the appearance of the nose to make it more pleasing to the eye. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia (G/A) and almost always as a daycare (D/C) procedure. The patient goes home the same day with a splint on the nose and returns six to seven days later.

Commonly referred to as a tummy tuck. This involves removing the excess skin and fat of the lower abdomen and is often coupled with some liposuction of the upper abdomen and flanks. The patient is admitted on the day of surgery and usually goes home after a three-night stay.

This involves the removal of the excess fat present below the skin via small incisions. A number of areas of the body can be treated at the same operation. The patient can go home the same day if less than 5 litres of fat are removed. Otherwise the patient has to be admitted for one to two nights.

Commonly referred to as a facelift. This involves correcting the sagging of the lower face and neck, restoring a more youthful appearance. It is usually performed under GA and the patient stays in hospital overnight.

Commonly referred to as baggy eyelid removal. This involves removing the excess skin and fat of the upper and lower eyelids, giving a less tired and more youthful look. It can be performed under G/A or local anaesthesia (L/A) as a D/C procedure but can also be combined with a facelift.

This involves removing the drooping skin and fat of the upper arm to give a more aesthetic look. The patient usually stays in hospital for at least one night, depending on the pre-operative bulk.

Breast Reduction
This involves reducing the size of breasts that have become too large and are causing symptoms like backache/neck ache and rashes. These breasts tend to droop significantly and the procedure entails a lift (mastopexy) as well as a reduction. The patient stays in hospital for two to three nights.

Breast Augmentation
This involves increasing the size of breasts that have shrunk after breast feeding or are naturally small. Synthetic implants are almost always used. The procedure can be a D/C one or the patient may choose to stay overnight.

Breast Reconstruction
This involves reconstruction of the breast(s) using either the body’s own tissue (flap) or then a combination of a flap with an implant. One or both breasts can be operated on at the same time. The patient usually stays two to three nights.

This refers to surgery on male breast(s) that have increased disproportionately in size. Either liposuction or a formal removal of the breast tissue is required. The patient can stay overnight or go home the same day.

Removal of benign and malignant skin lesions
These could be simple cysts or moles which are removed under local anesthetic. Skin cancers on the face or other parts of the body may require a procedure under general anesthesia.

Facial Fillers/Botox
A spectrum of fillers and Botox is offered for use on different parts of the face.

Microfat/Nanofat Transfer
This involves taking small amounts of fat from one part of the body and transferring it to another- like the face- to enhance volume. This microfat can be processed further to an effluent(nanofat) which is stem cell rich and can be used for rejuvenation of the face.

Dr. Tahir Shafi Khan
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Consultant Plastic Surgeon

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