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Professor Dr. Amanullah Memon

Dr. Amanullah Memonis an eminent urologist with extensive experience in most of the disciplines of urological surgery. He trained in general and minimally invasive urology in the United Kingdom and brought the expertise to Pakistan. He is a pioneer of percutaneous renal surgery (PCNL) for stones in Pakistan. He served in an academic institution to educate and train several urologists for the country

Dr. Aman is a quality-conscious, evidence-based safety cognizant, and humanistic surgeon who almost always prevails through presence, persistence, perseverance, and persuasive communication. Over several years of experience in the UK and Pakistan, his surgical skills have seasoned into a high standard of care for patients with almost all urological disorders which he also teaches, preaches, and practices. He has a greater inkling of endoscopic urology. He is proficient in open surgery in the fields of cancer, stone disease, and corrective urological surgery. He has evolved to advise and offer environmentally and socio-culturally suited solutions to the problems faced by the patients. He is conscious of the necessity of wielding the knife in the presence of options of the non-invasive and semi-invasive modes of treatment for his patients. His conviction that ‘a good surgeon has to be a good physician first’, has grown firmer with time. He applies evidence-based practices in routine as well the peri-operative management in the treatment of urological disorders. In his field of surgery, he is a protagonist of team play and an enthusiastic advocate of multidisciplinary and audit team meetings. His experience in academic institutions here and abroad has endowed him with the wisdom and maturity to successfully deal with all kinds of surgeries, open or endoscopic, with good clinical outcome

Prof. Dr. Amanullah Memon
LRCP LRCS, Edinburgh
LRCP&S, Glasgow
FRCS, Edinburgh
Consultant Urologist

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