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Vascular Surgeon

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Vascular Surgeon

Vascular Surgery is one of speciality where very few consultants are available and it is still extremely rare to have group of Vascular Surgeons, teamed and geared up to face, some of the most dangerous, highly technical, extremely difficult surgical challenges when they have to deal very swiftly to save lives. often some of the most well known Surgeons , call Vascular Surgeons in dire emergency, as they are the most experienced surgeons , very well aware of this highly technical, fine skilled technology known as Vascular Surgery. Patients at South City Hospital are fortunate having this opportunity to be attended by Vascular Surgeons & more importantly since it is a group of highly trained consultants so the availability is really early. Furthermore benefits a patient gets, is unparalleled as group of Vascular Surgeons discuss & offer treatment & they don’t have to look for 2nd or 3rd opinion, which saves precious time, early treatment becomes possible & is sustainable in terms of treatment.


Dr. Najam Uddin

Consultant Vascular Surgeon
Clinic: Monday,  Wednesday
Timing: 6:00PM – 9:00PM (Mon), 5:00PM – 8:00PM
0346-8204989 (Jehangir)