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Admissions & Billing

Billing will handle admissions when:
Your patient is admitted to the hospital through:

The Emergency Room
For non-emergency elective procedures, referred to by a family physician or specialty consultant through our clinics

Your patient chooses to be admitted to a VIP suite, private wing, semi-private room or the general ward, depending on their preference. Please note, however, that your choice of accommodation may not immediately be available. While we apologise for this inconvenience, if it arises (sometimes in the case of full occupancy), our policy is to accommodate your patient in a temporary bed until one of their choice becomes available.

The admissions office will ask your patient to sign our legal documents and list of policies and protocols for their stay

At the time of admission, the billing department will counsel the patient on the estimated costs of the procedure and request an initial deposit, payable with either cash, credit card or pay order. Please note that we do not accept cheques.

The billing department will coordinate with the patient’s attendant regarding any payments of any outstanding balance.

The billing department will monitoring the patient’s bill and if they cannot pay on time they may be asked to sign a Debit Advice & Acknowledgement Form.

Upon discharge
The patient will be discharged on the instructions of the consultant.
The discharge time will be approved by management from 12pm to 2pm.
After the discharge is confirmed, the floor receptionist processes the patient’s file and forwards to the billing counter.

The billing department then prepares a final bill and sends to our auditor for an assessment of all services and other charges properly. This and all related documents are presented to the patient or their attendant. We would like to add here that the billing calculations after your patient is discharged take time (at least a few hours) because of the internal audit. This is an important procedure as we need to ensure that your patient has not been overcharged. For example, we do thorough checks to ensure there is no billing for any extra medication acquired in the patient’s name that has been left unused. We are grateful for your patience and cooperation.

If a patient chooses to leave against medical advice (LAMA) or has been discharged against medical advice (DAMA), but returns and seeks re-admission, the admissions office will inform our Medical Director Dr Munir Mahar and chief medical officer immediately. They will be the deciding authority on re-admission.

Furthermore, such patients have to sign a legal document, agreeing to follow all our polices and shall be asked to make a certain deposit as decided by the billing management.

Billing after the expiry of a patient
In the case of a patient’s expiry, the billing department will hand over the Death Certificate to the patient’s attendant (who signed the Admission Form). For hospital records we attach a copy of the CNIC of the attendant with the patient’s file.

All dues must be paid before the body can be released. We thank you for your understanding.

Admissions & Billing

Azeem Hayat
Manager PBSD

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