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The South City Hospital Emergency Department (ED) is a very well equipped 18 beds unit, providing 24-hour service for trauma and non-trauma medical and surgical emergencies. Emergency Department is supported by 24-hour x-ray, C.T Scanner, M.R.I, Ultrasonography, Echo-cardio graph and laboratory service, Cath-Lab, Operation theatre, Labor Room, MICU, CCU, SICU, PICU NICU , round the specialist Emergency Speciality highly trained and having Fellowship in subject of care, round the clock Anaesthetic cover and consultants directly involved right from the Emergency department in decision making and treatment / management plan for the patient.

E.D is also equipped with one operating theatre, where surgical procedures, and Trauma major and minor can be handled; G.I Endoscopy, Wound-Management minor are routinely carried, and there is 23 bed facility in ED to handle all kinds of cases, since all beds are equipped with Multi-purpose Cardiac Monitors, Pulse Oximeter , Non Invasive Blood pressure monitors, two Adult Ventilators and a neonatal / peds ventilator and adult and Neonatal pediatric portable ventilators, two cardiac defibrillators as well are stationed in the ED. 6-bedded observation ward to monitor patients’ responses to treatment before being discharged from the hospital.

Emergency Department at South City Hospital takes care of following types of Cases ( obviously whole list of diseases cannot be listed here):

  • Medical Emergencies e.g.: Respiratory emergency, Cardio-Respiratory arrest, Heart attack(Myocardial Infarction),severe infections(Septicemia/ Septic Shock), Acute Severe Asthma, Acute Allergies , Coma, Fits(Convulsions due to Epilepsy or Other Reasons) and Stroke(C.V.A), Pulmonary Edema, Pulmonary Embolism, Spontaneous Pneumothorax, Pleural Effusion, Pneumonia, Complicated Dengue, Malaria, Enteric Fever( We do not Admit Chicken Pox, Measles, Meningitis, Encephalitis), Pancreatitis; Diabetic Keto-Acidosis( Very High Blood Sugar with other associated Complications) Very Low Symptomatic Blood Sugar, Very Low Urine Out Put, No Micturition, Severe Loose Motions( We do not admit Patients having/suspected of Cholera), Severe Anemia where Blood Transfusion may also be required after admission. To support further and continue critical care, 18 beds Medical ICU is present as well , fully equipped to manage serious cases.
  • Dedicated Chest Pain Management Team is present round the Clock, and Emergency Coronary Angioplasty is offered when indicated. Purpose built 6-Bed Coronary Care Unit and Cath- Lab are beside each other and Both units are on the same floor where Operation theatre is ready for Coronary artery By-pass Surgery or Open Heart Surgery and State of the art 8- Bed Surgical I.C.U present beside.
  • All Obstetric & Gynecological emergencies.
  • Neo-Natal and Pediatric Emergencies.
  • Surgical emergencies e.g.: Perforated gut, Bleeding Gastrointestinal Tract Obstructed Gut; Retention of Urine; Epistaxis; Blood in Urine; Bleeding From Gut; and pancreatitis etc.
  • Orthopaedic emergencies e.g.: fractures, dislocations, spinal injuries and sports injuries etc.
  • Neuro Medicine and Neuro- Surgical Emergency, such as Stroke, Intra-Cranial Bleed, Sub-Dural Blood, Blunt Brain Trauma, Epilepsy Emergencies, and G.B Syndrome ( a disease in which patient’s Lower Limbs become Paralyzed and disease ascends and involves Muscles of respiration resulting in Respiratory failure, and many need apart from Critical care, Mechanical artificial Ventilation and special medicines in ICU), Neurological etiology Coma etc.
  • Or a patient, where family / attendants assume a medical emergency regardless of diagnosis.