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Pharmacists are a link between patients and their doctors. We help patients understand the role of medication in their overall treatment plan. We believe that when patients understand how their medicines work, they will be able to take their medicines regularly and work with our doctors on managing their medical problems.

At the South City Hospital Pharmacy your prescription is handled and reviewed by qualified pharmacists to minimize drug-related accidents due to administration of the wrong drug or dosage. All drugs at SCH are purchased from reliable sources through a meticulous screening process to ensure quality standards are maintained and the products are stored at controlled temperatures according to their specifications.

The diversified features of pharmacy services are made possible with high tech equipment, continuously updated medical and pharmaceutical literature, research, education and competent staff. We provide a range of products from extemporaneously compounded medicines to unique cytotoxic admixtures. Our electronic data processing has become an important tool for providing pharmacy services to both in- and out-patients.

Out-Patients Pharmacy
Our out-patients pharmacy is designed for both patients and the public. Customers can choose from a wide range of products, including prescription drugs, diagnostic equipment, surgicals, home-care aids, skin care products and over-the-counter medicines.

We provide medication reviews and medication counselling on prescription drugs and over-the-counter medication.

We also provide extemporaneous compounded medication for dermatological and paediatric use.

In-Patients Pharmacy
At this facility we provide computerised unit doses to admitted patients and serve take-home medication to disarchged patients. We provide sterile intravenous piggy-back admixtures, syringe filling and eye drops. We also offer clinical pharmacy servies here.

When buying medicines
As you may well be aware, spurious drugs are sold in markets across Pakistan and the average lay person cannot necessarily differentiate between the genuine and fake ones.

Medication and prescription errors made by an unqualified chemist are a major cause of medication errors
Drugs lose their efficacy if they are not stored properly
Taking expired drugs can be extremely harmful
You can cut down your prescription cost by replacing brand name drugs with high-quality therapeutic equivalents. However, not all therapeutic equivalents are equal in quality.

Drug Information Service
The Drug Information Service is the resource centre for doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals for information on drugs and their properties. The DIS also provides logistical support to various in-house hospital committees e.g. Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee etc.

Training Programmes
On-the-Job Hospital Pharmacist Trainee Program
This course is developed and directed by the department of Pharmacy Services, South City Hospital. For the last two years, the program has successfully trained pharmacists, a majority of whom have been inducted into the department as full-time pharmacists, or were hired by other hospitals after the six-month program. However, not all trainees are recruited.

Goal: The training aims to provide trainee pharmacists with the practical skills of pharmacy practice while molding them into an effective and skilled work force.

Who should attend: Fresh pharmacy graduates from a recognized institution. Students must have completed a five-year PharmD degree. Students waiting for their last semester results can apply.

Duration of the course: Six months
Stipend: The course is free of charge. The stipend offered to trainees is Rs10,000/month.

Our team

Hina Javed


Hina Javed has over 12 years of experience in hospital pharmacy services at institutions such as Aga Khan University Hospital.

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