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Our Vaccination Centre

South City Hospital is authorized to administer the polio vaccine for people traveling abroad. It is now mandatory all such individuals who have been in Pakistan for at least four weeks to be able to show proof they have taken the polio vaccination.

We offer the polio vaccine free but a Rs1,000 service charge applies (to all our vaccination services)
Documents needed: A photocopy of your passport
You will be asked to fill in a form with your CNIC number
You will be given a yellow vaccination card with all the details of the vaccinations received at SCH by date
It is highly advised to keep this card as institutions for higher education often require this history. In some cases, if you fail to produce it you will have to take all the vaccinations again regardless of age.
We stamp both the card and certificate
A nurse will administer injectable vaccines
In the case of little babies or pregnant and lactating women, the oral polio vaccine is not given, as it contains a live attenuated virus. They are given the inactivated injectable polio vaccine.

Why do adults need immunizations?
Vaccine preventable diseases have no age limits – you can get them any time in your life. Too many adults become ill, are disabled, and die each year from diseases that could easily have been prevented by vaccines. Everyone, from young adults to senior citizens, can benefit from immunizations. By getting vaccinated, you protect not just yourself, but also your loved ones:
Those who aren’t fully immunized because they haven’t completed their childhood immunizations yet, and Those who can’t be immunized because they are too young or they have certain medical conditions.

Are vaccines safe?
Yes! Vaccines are among the safest medicines available. Vaccines are tested before they are licensed to make sure they are safe and to see how well they protect people against disease. Vaccines are also monitored for side effects after they are licensed.
Like all medications, vaccines are not 100 percent risk-free. Some people may have mild side effects, like a slight fever or soreness at the injection site. Severe vaccine reactions are rare.

Your Shot Record
When a baby is born, their first vaccination is given in the nursery
BCG, OPV within 24 hours of the birth
Your pediatrician will give you a vaccination card which will mention all the dates and an Extended Program of Immunization (EPI) schedule to follow
You should be given a record of the vaccines that you have received. Keep it, and carry it with you every time you visit your doctor or nurse. Ask your doctor or nurse to enter your immunization record to ensure that your immunizations are always up to date and the information is stored in a safe location.
Make sure you and your loved ones get all needed vaccines.

The Vaccination Centre

Ground floor

9am to 4pm daily, except weekends
(For emergencies please contact
the ER)


0213 586 2301 to 3