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Our Goals and Vision

Our mission is to provide a safe, cost effective and caring environment, supported by evidence-based practice and professional development in collaboration with other health care providers.

When constructing the SCH facility, one of the main focuses of the sponsors was the provision of healthcare in a relaxing and pleasant environment; one that doesn’t feel like a hospital. Therefore SCH pays special attention to architecture and ambience in the same manner that a hotel does. Unlike most hospitals in Pakistan that are characterized by sterile, impersonal interiors and poorly attired staff, SCH attempts to be more than just a hospital.

Catering to a market that appreciates and expects personalized service, the facility focuses on details that go beyond medical care. The entrance is hidden by trees and running water, both serving not only to calm the nerves but also muffle the sound of traffic. Inside, a rich red is used on the walls and furniture—quite unlike a medical facility. Simple and understated details like recessed lighting or a colorful column for the children’s area adds a personal touch to the surroundings. Special care has been taken to allow natural light through large widows and courtyards. Four floors of the hospital look down into this courtyard which functions as the hospital cafeteria. Finishing materials generally used are robust and easy to maintain; such as bacteria repellant carpets in corridors, used for sound reduction since most other hospital corridors are noisy.

Patient rooms are clean and efficiently planned with a dining table, a writing table and day bed which also double as a sofa bed. Most of all, patient windows overlook green spaces. The level of accommodation is flexible and designed to meet various budgets.

All floors have fire exits and are complete with safety equipment. Exterior and multifloor security is controlled in‐house. SCH has its own laundry, gourmet restaurant plus gift and flower shops. It operates its own CSSD, house keeping and ambulance services.

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Prof. Dr Mumtaz Maher

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