Medical Records

South City Hospital provides patients with their discharge summary when they leave the hospital. If you require your full medical report, please contact our medical director, Dr Munir Mahar.

Our medical records are internal documents which carry your medical history, instructions to staff, consultant’s notes, and any billing for laboratory tests, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals.

We maintain records for five years.

South City Hospital provides birth and death certificates free of charge.
In case of elective procedures, please note that you may be asked if you have any “advance directives”. Two common advance directives are a living will or power of attorney for health care. It is not required that you have either directive, but bring a copy to the hospital if you do. Your directive will be made part of your permanent record, so that your health care wishes are known. In certain cases, the staff may ask the patient or family members to fill a consent form with at least one witness.

Dr Munir Mahar 2
Dr Munir A Mahar
MBBS, Certified Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, FCCS Certified from Society Of Critical Care Medicine

Director Medical Services

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