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Dr Farah Minhas

Dr Farah Minhas did her MBBS from Dow University and her residency in neurology from Wayne State University, Michigan. She has a fellowship in neurophysiology from the same university.

Dr Farah Minhas worked for seven years with Prof. Hasan Aziz, who is a pioneer in the treatment of epilepsy in Pakistan. Her area of specialty is thus epilepsy, along with the EEG, neurophysiology, EMGs (studying brain waves), dementia, stroke, leg and arm pain and conditions such as Alzheimer’s. She works with Dr Nadir Ali Syed on the repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Treatment (rTMS) for depression, among others.






Dr Farah Minhas
Dr Farah Minhas
MBBS (Dow), MD (US)
Fellowship in Neurophysiology (Wayne State University, Michigan)
Consultant Neurologist 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

3pm to 5:30pm

+92334 2121212 (Umair)