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Neurosurgery at SCH offers expertise in areas such as the treatment of neurovascular disorders and head injuries.

One of the more common reasons our neurosurgeons will be called in, especially for emergencies, is during a case of a stroke. Our consultants are on call and we pride ourselves on the swift response time in such cases.

Our key consultants are:
Dr. Atta ul Aleem Bhatti
Dr. Hameedullah Buzdar
Dr. Ashfaq A. Razzaq  
Some of the more commonly performed procedures include:
Craniotomy & Evacuation Of Clot
L5, L6 Cervical Discectomy
L4, L5 Liminectomy
Excision of Tumor Biopsy
Spinal Canal Stenosis
Ventriculoperitoneal shunting
Endoscopic Decompression

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