Joint replacement

Joints can be damaged as a result of age related Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis or even as a result of accidents. In milder cases pain medicine and rehabilitation physiotherapy produce good pain relief. In case the joint is totally worn out and the patient is at risk of losing mobility, Total Joint Replacement is considered an excellent option worldwide.

The surgeons of the Orthopaedic team at South City Hospital are renowned for doing a large number of Total Joint Replacements. Hip, knee and shoulder joints are routinely replaced. This ensures the maintenance of a high quality of life for patients. The best quality joint replacement implants from international companies are available.

As the number of joint replacement surgeries increase in Pakistan, the need for Revision Joint replacements also increases. A revision total joint replacement is needed when a primary total joint replacement becomes loose or wears out. South City Hospital’s Orthopaedics Associates are among few centers in Pakistan that perform Revision Arthroplasty surgeries and offer the chance to return to full painless health and activity.






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Dr Mansoor Ali Khan
Ponseti Fellow, University of Iowa
Joint replacement specialist

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