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Prof. Dr. Ayesha Nageen

Prof. Dr. Ayesha Nageen is an accomplished Consultant Physician and Professor of Internal Medicine. She earned her medical degree from Dow Medical College, completed her residency at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center, and obtained her post-doctoral fellowship in Medicine from the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan with honors. She was also associated with the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases for some time. She is a highly skilled and talented consultant with a wealth of experience and knowledge in Internal Medicine who is widely respected and admired in her field.

She is actively involved in several research projects and national clinical trials and has authored numerous medical research papers published in national and international journals. She is also a reviewer of international journal papers and publications. Apart from her engrossment in extensive academic teachings, she is also the external examiner for graduate/postgraduate medical examinations. She has organized, participated in, and anchored several CME conferences. 

Her main expertise is in the diagnosis and management of acute and/or chronic multisystemic disorders such as diabetes & endocrinology, hypertension, infections, hepatitis & gastrointestinal orders, nutritional deficiencies, and pulmonological, neurological, and rheumatological diseases.

Clinical excellence, empathy, and commitment to patients is her ultimate goal when it comes to patient care. Her dedication, excellent rapport with patients, ability to address their concerns, and exceptional clinical acumen and experience in diverse healthcare settings have widely made her known to be one of the finest physicians in town.

Prof. Dr. Ayesha Nageen

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