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Anesthesia at SCH

Our anesthesiologists, headed by Prof. Nasir Khan Jakhrani, are highly trained medical professionals who provide perfect medical care in the pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative periods. Anesthetists provide relief from acute pain during labor and delivery with round-the-clock epidural service and post-operative control of acute pain by providing intravenous medications such as PCA (patient-controlled analgesia). They also work in the area of chronic pain management.
Our team of anesthesiologists at SCH has always been at the forefront of ensuring recent advancements.  

Anaesthesiologists provide peri-operative care management for patients undergoing various types of surgery. South City Hospital is equipped with anesthetic machines and sophisticated monitoring systems to ensure the safety of patients under anesthesia.
All SCH operating theatres and recovery rooms are well-equipped with air and fluid warming systems to reduce your discomfort and the risk of hypothermia.

Dr. Nasir Jakhrani
Head of Anaesthesia