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What to expect at The Eye Centre when you come

Let us walk you through our standard process of treating patients:

You arrive for your appointment
We will ask you to fill out a demographic form
Your spectacle prescription will be checked
A technician will take a basic history, check your spectacles
If needed drops will be given to dilate your pupils
You will see your doctor who will undertake documentation or tests
Depending on the diagnosis, you will either be treated the same day or if the test results will take time, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled
Most treatments take place the same day
The clinic will call you or send you a SMS to remind you of your follow up appointments.

If you need surgery
If you are scheduled for a surgery we will first counsel you on your pre-operative preparation at The Eye Centre.
As our surgeries take place in the main building, our staff will advise you on a time and what to expect.
On the day of surgery you will meet our staff at Admissions. They will come prepared with your file.
You will be escorted to the Eye Day Care suite where you will be prepared for surgery
You will be taken to the Operating Suite where the procedure will take place
Afterwards you will be brought back to the Eye Day Care to rest and receive instructions on post operative care until you are discharged
(Overnight stays are occasional but will be arranged at the hospital should they be needed)