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The Breast Clinic

The South City Hospital Breast Clinic provides the highest professional standards of dedicated breast care within a friendly and reassuring environment.

People visit the breast clinic for a variety of reasons, most commonly because they have discovered a lump, experienced some kind of discharge, or some other abnormality.

Discovering a breast lump is frightening—yet 90% of them are benign. The South City Hospital Breast Clinic is cognisant of and aims to minimize patient anxiety, so we try to make sure appointments are offered within 24 hours, and sometimes even on the same day. We offer the best possible assessment of benign and malignant breast disease in the shortest possible time and all at one site.

The Breast Clinic is designed to lead to a rapid yet accurate diagnosis. After you have had an expert physical examination, the Radiology department will offer a full field digital mammography, general X-ray, ultrasound imaging as well as a CT scan, depending on your needs.

Once a diagnosis has been confirmed, we will recommend the appropriate treatment. The course of action is discussed fully with the patient so they can make well-informed choices about whether they need surgical intervention or ongoing management of the condition. Such treatment may include surgery to remove the diseased tissue (lump excision) or, say, breast reconstruction.

Our consultants are: