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Are you a couple trying to conceive?

Infertility is a distressing challenge that many couples face. Here is how we can help. Some couples are classified as ‘sub-fertile’ which means they are unable to conceive naturally and require some level of medical assistance. At the South City Hospital IVF & Genetic Centre we understand the experience, which is why we have made it our mission to provide the best possible assisted conception services to people in need.

Human beings biologically have a poor capacity for reproduction as compared to other animal species. The average rate of spontaneous conception in each cycle is 10-15%. So the success rate improves with IVF treatments.

A large percentage of success depends on how soon a couple seeks help, says our consultant Dr. Saadia Virk. Many couples do not get help till the woman is over 40 years old. “For women under 30, who have not managed to conceive after nearly two years of unprotected intercourse, they need to get checked.”

We consider 18 to 39 years the optimum time within which a fertile woman can conceive. For first-time conception, it is between 20 and 30 years. Between 30 and 35 years is considered a bonus period and once she crosses 40 years, chances drastically decline

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