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Frozen Embryo Transfer

If you have already signed up for ICSI, we are likely to save and freeze any healthy embryos which are left over from the first cycle of treatment. These frozen embryos can then be retrieved for another treatment if you choose to return. The advantage is that when we freeze them, you do not have to be put through the entire process again and costs are thus reduced. You also need fewer injections. It also means you do not need to go through anesthesia as no trans-vaginal ovarian pick-up (TVOP) will be required.

The duration of the treatment is the same.
If you undergo ICSI, we will, for example, get 12 embryos. We can only use a maximum of three at a time, so we freeze the remaining nine. As ICSI is an expensive treatment, we obviously would want to take the most advantage of the procedure rather than make the couple go through it all over again.

If you return for a second cycle, all we have to do then is retrieve your frozen embryos for your next ICSI. The success rate is almost the same as a fresh ICSI cycle. It all depends on the quality of the embryos after we thaw them.

We consider an embryo to be good if it has at least eight (08) cells on day 3.