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Hysteroscopy: Taking a look inside the uterus

Hysteroscopy is just a process by which we use a telescope to take a look inside your uterus. It is a way for us to diagnose certain ailments and investigate them. We may want to see what is the cause of:

-Irregular bleeding
-Check on the lining of the uterus
-See if there is any congenital birth defect
-Assess the shape of your uterus
-Find the cause for abnormal menstruation
-Investigate recurrent miscarriages
-Find a lost IUD coil

A hysteroscopy will also help us see if there are any growths such as polyps or fibroids. It helps us check if there is a blockage at the point connecting your fallopian tubes and uterus (the Ostia).

The hysteroscopy takes about 10 minutes. It is a daycare procedure and no overnight stay is needed. You will be given anesthesia and so it is a painless procedure.

Other than for infertile patients, hysteroscopy is used for diagnostic and therapeutic gynecological conditions.

1. Biopsy for abnormal uterine bleeding before and after menopause to exclude endometrial hypoplasia and cancer.
2. To diagnose and remove endometrial and cervical polyps.