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South city hospital is providing advanced and complex diagnostics procedures and treatments performed by medical specialists in state-of-the-art facilities since 2004. A number of new initiatives have been introduced by the hospital and on June 5th, 2022 another benchmark was achieved by South City Hospital for cancer patients when they officially started The Oncology Department. The word cancer is a dreaded one. But the fear becomes real when cancer touches oneself or those close to you. It has devastating effects not only on the patient but also on the family members, co-workers, and the society in which the affected lives. In Pakistan, approximately 170,0000 new cases are reported every year. Knowing the overburdened healthcare system in Town, the SCH administration initiate a challenge to build a department for cancer patients, where they receive a standard of care treatment under the supervision of the best physician and efficient nursing staff.
South city Oncology Department has two units. One is our Day Care Unit and the other is the Clinic area. Patients with a diagnosis of cancer seek a good oncologist to guide them further in terms of treatment plans. Our oncology unit has two highly qualified and skilled oncologist which provided updated treatment plans to the patients as per standard Guidelines. Patients can book their appointments on a phone call from Monday to Saturday.
Administration of chemotherapy is the next most important step after getting your treatment plan from the oncologist. The Oncology Daycare Unit in SCH is a six bedded fully equipped unit where the oncology team will make sure that patients will receive Chemotherapy with the best possible care and services in a safe environment on an outpatient basis. The daycare unit has specialized nurses and pharmacists. Our team provides education to the patients and their family members throughout the treatment in order to reduce their anxiety and improve their coping skills. Knowing the delicate health condition of cancer patients, our team will adhere to strict confidentiality.

Daycare Unit has its own pharmacy which provides a wide range of medications from chemotherapy to targeted agents or Immunotherapy. Within the pharmacy a negative pressure chemo-preparation cabin is built, where cytotoxic medications are prepared in a close environment with maintaining the safety of our staff and other health care personnel.

Our Day Care unit provides services 06 days a week from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Management of cancer patient is complex and require contributions from a range of healthcare professionals alongside with Oncologist. Hence we established a Tumor Board meeting (MDT meeting) where we discuss complex cases with pathologists, radiologists, and Physicians of different specialties in order to have the best approach for each patient. For maintaining the continuity of care Oncology department has established On Call Hotline services where patients can discuss their issues On the phone with the oncologist. This on-call service provides great help to patients especially those who are out of town. Our aim is not only to provide cancer treatment to the patients but also to create a relationship with patients in an effective and respectful manner.

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