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Dr.Agha Sajjad

Dr.Agha Sajjad, MD graduated with honors from the Sind Medical University MBBS program. He then proceeded to the US for clinical training in Anesthesiology & Pain Management at New Your University Medical Center, one of the top universities in U.S.A.

He passed his Anesthesiology and pain management boards and started working as Director of Pain Clinic at Lewes, DE. Due to his outstanding achievements in pain relief especially his work on spinal cord stimulation he was awarded as top pain specialist in state of Delaware for 3 consecutive years. .

Dr. Dr. Agha Sajjad returned to Pakistan with an ambition of helping patients with severe low back pain, sciatica, cervical pinched nerve, cancer pain and intractable pain syndromes. To create public awareness, train and educate health care professionals in field of pain medicine, he has been very active on TV shows, social media, giving lectures and conducting free pain camps all over the country.

He joined South City Hospital in 2011 and helped lot of patients with severe back pain, sciatica, cervical pinched nerve, neck joints pain, other spine related pains, cancer pain, severe nerve pain, etc. He continues her efforts for pain relief education by community and peer presentations, lectures and workshops.

Dr Agha Sajjad
Diplomat, American Board of Anesthesiology for Pain Management. 
American Board of Anesthesiology,
Ex- Director, Pain Center at Lewes, Delaware

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